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Reclaim your space!

Berlins O.G friendly expat gardener for small gardens and balconies is back and ready to garden for you in all weathers.

check out my gear!

February is all about getting out there so you are ready to relax by the time the sun comes back. 

Shrubs pruned, dead leaves removed, children entertained by finding snails under stones- I’m ready to make it happen for you!

Straight forward gardening and friendly service as standard. essential gardening services and garden design solutions for small spaces.

And now to the plants!

this weekend I will be starting some chilli and Physalis seeds indoors in my new propagator on top of my new heat mat. I got gear for everything- 2024 is the year of gear!

I will be doing some compost spreading in my outdoor garden and fixing up a collapsed raised bed.

Physalis are these tasty little berries that are related to the potato. Also known as cape gooseberry. You want to eat them only when they are mellow yellow (like me ) because the green berries are poisonous

Keep it mellow keep it yellow, I'm rooting for you!

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