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Positive change through plants: Claim Your Space!

I'm on a mission. It's not complicated.

Optimising your life with plants.

Optimising my life with plants.

I'm sure we all want to live the best life possible without harming ourselves or others.

Plants are a simple way to make life better.

And done right they have a positive effect on the environment and the people and life around you


  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Create habitats for wildlife

  • Preserve species: you can easily grow wild flowers at home to increase their world population and preserve their genetic diversity

  • Plants are living breathing decorations that look great and clean the air in your home

Making life better:

For me that means growing all my own organic fruit and veg with minimal plastic inputs.

For you it might be enjoying your unique balcony garden or a house full of lush plants.

Plants are the 1st and most important building block of life, turning sunlight into food and creating the air we all breathe.

I know you already know what I do

I do gardening. This website is full of examples of before and after photos of my gardening work with

So I'm looking for a new angle which enables me to deliver something of value in a simple way.

So I made a free ebook- and it's written by me, not by chat bots- all 57 pages.

It's a simple informative straight forward manual on planning and achieving a lush balcony with the right plants, structures and budget. Basically it's an example of the type of planning I do for my customers during a consultation but here it's free.

Below are some pages from the book. To get the whole book send me an email at with BOOK in the subject line and I will send you the entire PDF book right away.

YES in exchange I will add you to the once a month easybee newsletter- that's the deal.

And the newsletter is good read and full of useful info about simple ways enjoy plants in your home. I 'm not going to spam you.

Here are 5 pages from Claim Your Space, the feel good easy balcony transformation you can do in 1 weekend:

Plan it. Do it. Care for it.

Email me and sort out your balcony for free with this expert yet simple e book.


And get it now.

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