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Thank you for visiting easybeeberlin gardening services and garden design for small spaces.

Emphasis on giving you individual customer service, hands on work and great gardening solutions for small gardens, terraces and balcony gardening.

How does this work?

Balcony make overs: get in touch and get a free 15 minute consultation. From there you decide what you need. Then I visit you in person and make a personalised plan for you. After that you have the option to get a balcony make-over or install the plan we have made yourself. 

If you decide on a balcony make over I make you a contract, you decide when works for you and I come over and do the work . Price is cost of materials plus my work hours.

Gardening  service: send me an email and get some weeding, pruning garden clean up or any other type of garden work done.

Which plants for your balcony garden?

Get a free consultation. Find the right perennial flowers that thrive in your particular home. Grow herbs. Grow tomatoes, grow Lavender. Bring on the roses!

De-code the mystery of the garden centre and save money with good purchase choices.

Who can clean your garden or balcony?

I can! take care of all the parts of gardening you would prefer not to do. Including cleaning up balconies and gardens and removing dead plants and junk. I make sure you have the right pots and planters for what you want to grow.

How can your balcony plants survive the Winter/extreme Summer heat?

Trusted plant solutions for your Berlin balconies and houseplants. Find plants that last and plants that are right for your space. Get the right compost. Keep everything low maintenance. All types of garden welcome.

How much is gardening per hour?

prices start at 30€ an hour. Message for a free online consultation and solve your garden problems. Email me at or see the services page HERE

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