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Become a gardener

Book Next group class here for 29th June.   

an immersive experience of gardening.

Friendly expat gardening classes in English one on one in your own home or in a group in my garden.

  • Taste how real fresh veg should taste- amazing!

  • Feed your family organically.

  • Grow food in small spaces, bags and balconies

  • know what grows around you- weeds and wild flowers

  • Feel strong and relaxed in body and mind

  • Learn how the pieces of nature fit together

  • Get freedom from silly food prices

  • Make something beautiful with your own hands

  • Meet people who love gardening

  • Buy smart garden centre choices- save money

  • Affordable classes - save 5€. Group classes are only 20€ when you book online here 







Group class 29th June
save 5€ when you book online 


Thanks for booking

Become a gardener at home: balcony and terrace:

One on one classes: 45€ for 90 minutes in depth knowledge

  • Focus on you and achieving your goals

  • Practical help at every step- I garden with you

  • Pride in learning new skills and seeing your results

  • Unlimited online support- ask any questions

  • Make a beautiful garden on your balcony with effective container gardening methods

  • Attract bees, birds and butterflies

  • Self sufficiency- grow your own organic veg and fruit

  • Work at your own pace- book sessions when you want

  •  Share gardening - I love to work with families as a group (no extra cost, kids are free to join in)

  • Free seeds and info pack

  • Skills you can use forever- the knowledge is yours

Book a one on one class when ever you want-simply message me. Kids, partners and your first seeds included free for one on one classes!


Location for group classes:

Click  here 


Next group class in garden June 8th 1pm

Summer Skill pack: care for plants/sow seeds

Gardening fundamentals in 1 hour- skills to use in any space: tools, methods, plants, soil

Plus includes 3 mini workshops in 30 minutes:

Seed saving - how to get free plants?

How does a worm farm work? (meet the worms!)

What fruit & veg are really worth growing to save money in the shops?

Happy customer who just grew her own veg with easybeeberlin gardening services
Grow your own veg and be happy easybeeberlin your gardener for small spaces in Berlin, garden design for balconies and small
easybeeberlin your gardener for small spaces in Berlin, garden design for balconies and small gardens, weeding, pruning, lawn



About the garden

'I  don't want it, it's too much work'

My flat mate put his foot down in 2016:

'It's the ugliest garden I've ever seen. If you want to take it you are on your own.'

So I took it. Now 7 years later the garden once known as 'Klo gardens' because it's most notable feature was  a discarded portable toilet is a fruitful place that I love being in.


It's still not the prettiest place because the garden is right by the road and the soil is pure sand but it is a productive place filled with raspberries, strawberries and bright flowers.


This garden taught me how to build soil out of sand. It taught me to respect what it can and cannot be. It cannot be perfect. But it can be mine and produce fresh food from March to November.


I can help you solve the challenges of gardening and show you how to make your own garden or balcony a great place that you love to be in. This video is from June 2023. 

About the gardener


Hi I'm Sophie I studied horticulture at Capel Manor College in the U.K in 2015

I have lived in Berlin since 2008 and my background is in fine art and gardening.

I have always loved growing plants and love helping you find easy ways of growing your own food and making gardening part of your everyday life with simple low cost methods. Berlin has kicked my ass and shown me how to garden! 

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