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Buy plants once!

Too many plants and always so expensive!

What even are these plants?

What do they want?

You can go to the garden center and buy plants, take them home and kill them, feel bad about it, go out next Spring and buy some more...

That is exactly what the garden center wants you to do. Dead plants are their bread and butter. Did you know that over 70% of bought house plants die after purchase? (see video at end of this post for reference)

This is where I step in. This is a personal garden shopper experience for 25€ an hour.

No fuss. Just you and me walking around together fixing your plant problems and banishing confusion. Bring your family or a friend, there is no extra cost per person. It's just 25€ however many friends you bring and takes place at the garden center of your choice. The first 3 customers will get their personal shopping experience half price- send me a message and be one of these people!

Save money on the right containers, plants and soil.

Buy smart: avoid the tricks the garden centers use to make you buy more plants: for example: plants are often sold by pot size: I show you how to get the most plant for the least pot-sometimes the biggest is not always best!.

Get sustainable: no more disposable plants- cut down on getting plant after plant and endless plastic pots. Buy plants once to last years.

Or: Just want something for one season as you are moving house soon? no worries, these situations can be optimized too.

Get support and solutions: my goal is to help you make the best choices with friendly generous support.You can always talk to me in real life or online with your questions and get positive practical advice right away.

Fulfill your garden goals: no problem or space impossible. I listen to you, we find a solution.

Get confidence, clarity and knowledge never feel confused again making future gardening decisions for your home, garden and balcony.

After 20 years with my hands in the dirt, and after studying horticulture at Capel Manor College in the U.K, you can relax safe in the knowledge I will do my best for you and give real practical advice that is fun to make into real life change. I make it easy for you to DO THE THING.

Get beneath the surface and make a real connection with plants and nature: not just knowing plants are pretty, but knowing how they function and how to get the best from them.

Since 2020 I have been solving your plant problems and beautifying balconies. After experiencing the confusion and expense of the garden center business from the inside (my first job was in one) I am well placed to answer your plant questions and help you win there.

Above: Mirah has gardening confidence!

As well as offering this service, I do all the bits of gardening you don't like: I clean up balconies, drag supplies around and do the dirty stuff so you can relax and watch the bees.Take a look at the rest of this website and get your problem fixed here on the services page:

Thank you and get in touch any time,

your online and R.L gardener,



Balcony make-overs:

Stop 70% of houseplants from being DEAD :

Above: my balcony. Positive Plant Energy: PPE!

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