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Transform your habitat
Balcony garden transformation
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No stress English speaking garden design, garden work and garden services for small gardens, big balconies and empty terraces. Work with a person- not a robot or big company. It's about personal service in making your home beautiful. Your schedule & challenges are the priorities.

  • Extend your living room- fully enjoy your outdoor space

  • Make it safe: kids & pets come first

  • Relax in a low maintenance garden

  • Save time (I prune, you live your life)

  • Make the neighbours jealous!

  • Be wild at home, attract bees and butterflies to your beautiful garden

easybeeberlin is the original niche gardening service for Berlin specifically designed for small gardens in the big city.


All types of garden work from cleaning up leaves  to helping you get the right plants for your location. Solve your gardening challenges and transform your garden space. Book a free consultation  and get some great ideas for your balcony. 

What's in your free consultation?

  • Discuss your goals- make the most of your space

  • Discuss your light conditions/aspect

  • Get the right plants

  • Concrete straight forward advice on budget

  • Find structures and plants you love

  • Get plant care tips and advice you can use right away or make a plan I can do for you

This photo of a terrace I gave a new look to in 2023 is buzzing with bees and full of relaxing Lavender. Garden work done right gives you peace of mind and a home for pets and pollinators.


Get a great design/plan so you can make your own home even more beautiful. Get the work done. Get transparent prices. Click here to see all services

Your friendly expat gardener

H! I'm Sophie. Easybeeberlin started in 2020 with the goal of creating more green habitats for wildlife along with more quality living space for you. I am your friendly expat gardener giving you great garden work and services in English.

Making cooler sheltered spaces to combat the effects of hotter Summers in Berlin is important when you want to enjoy your garden and also matters to the bigger picture of climate change.

Growing more plants is a small step to lowering CO2 in our atmosphere.

I have a degree in art from N.C.A.D in Dublin and I studied horticulture at Capel Manor College in London in 2015.

What do people say about easybeeberlin? visit the easybee facebook page & find out here: REVIEWS 

Sophie Iremonger cactus
Exberliner magazine article on easybeeberlin

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