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Bespoke balcony gardening service in Berlin

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

1- Free consultation: 30 minute minute real life or online meeting to see what the possibilities are for your balcony.

2- planning. Email me pictures of your balcony and I will produce a hand drawn sketch and a plan personalized for you. €50

3- A 30minute online/ real life visit consultation followed up by a ‘balcony pack’ that includes a sketch,plan and planting recommendations plus links to where to buy them. €100

4- starter balcony.  After planning I can create your balcony for you.  I can come to your property with the containers, compost and baby plants/seeds, establish them in place so all you have to do is water and love them. €300

5- beautiful balcony.  As above but with mature plants that create an instant effect. €400

6 - edible balcony. As above with edible plants and vegetables. €500 and up

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