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Who is eating your plants right now?

Holidays, everywhere! and even if you are not on holiday,

this heat is oppressing you into a torpor!

Don't try to get anything done!

But happy to report you can still rely on me to be there for your plants, out in the sun, getting things done and keeping them safe.

I am here to take the worry out of gardening stuff and do all the bits you would rather not do, such as balcony and garden clean up, pruning and watering. Because I love this stuff and you don't, so you can have more time to concentrate on the things you want to get done. Or maybe you like gardening, but don't know where to start, have no time, or have specific issues to consider like babies, bees and cats!

Above: munching!

Happy plants, even under cat attack

These cats were a little bored with their jumbo sized balcony habitat until it was re-invigorated with exciting cat-safe plants. Then they went quite mad for awhile, exploring and chewing.

As this unforeseen cat-attack demonstrates, Not everything goes to plan, but at least watering those plants wont be on your mind, even if they do get a bit munched!

Let me help with a care visit, 25€ an hour.

At this time of year watering is a big issue and plants are heat stressed. Being outside is a hot chore, and if you are taking a holiday and invite a neighbour to care for your plants you can end up returning to either over watered soggy bodies or under-watered frazzled cadavers.

No! it doesn't have to be this way.

Schedule me to care for your plants, both indoor and outdoor, while you are there or away, and I will make sure they are cared for properly.

Here's a quick before and after from cat paradise, Friedrichshain.

Thank you to customers Belén and Alessio



This was a super windy hot space.Things are cooler now, with green shelter and fun for


What are your balcony problems?

Message for a free online consultation and sort them out.

Bringing you the Jungle, via elevator!

I have a number of ways of bringing you the habitat,

and all solutions are customised to your needs.

It could be with a van,

With a bike,

Or even on foot!

Which ever is easiest for you, you get the right plants for your space.

And as always, if you have a balcony/terrace/urban plot and need some inspiration, let me know and we will sort it out. It's important to get it right for everyone who is enjoying the space- kids, friendly bugs and of course, cats!

Love from your R.L and online gardener,


Above: exploring!

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