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Double your plant pleasure

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Container growing challenge and plant swap.

How can I get off the internet?

How can I get free plants?

Why do my plants die so fast in containers?

How can I get my hands dirty this weekend while still remaining covid safe?

for the answers to these and other questions, you are invited to a plant swap and container challenge on Saturday the 24th July...

Bring a plant, bring a weird container!

get some hands in the soil and actually DO some gardening.

Here is my Kleingarten. It's a great place to meet in a safe way outdoors and share some plant love.

Walk away with twice as many plants, some new knowledge on how to grow successfully in containers and maybe a mystery prize...

Container plant challenge: bring your containers and I will show you how to grow successfully from seed.

Swap: Bring your plants and swap them.

Prize for the weirdest container!

The outdoor plant swap and container challenge will take place in Sophie's Kleingarten in Schoneweide. As there is no exact address we will meet 1pm at the bus stop Ostweg which is next to the garden on Konigsheideweg. Bus number 265.Its a 2 minute walk from bus stop.

As well as swapping plants (bring a plant to swap!) there will be a challenge and hands on gardening. Bring your own container and I will show you how to fill it with seeds and soil. Mystery prize for the weirdest container you bring.

then bring your container home and grow it!

In detail:

Topics covered:

watering- many people either under or over-water seedlings. Or, when they sow seeds they wash them away afterwards with a heavy stream from a watering can. The secret is to water the soil BEFORE you sow the seed.

seed spacing-it is easy to crowd too many seeds into a container in the hopes you will get twice as much. In reality you end up with a bunch of stunted plants as they compete with one another for light and food. The secret is to sow less than you think you need.

seed depth- planting too deep or too shallow results in a no-show from the seeds. It is hard to get the right depth, even with the instructions on the packet. The secret is to plant too shallow rather than too deep.

keeping new plants healthy- plant wide apart to prevent mould.Take care of good air circulation, provide a healthy potting soil from the start.

Soil prep: soil for seeds need to be better and softer than the average garden soil, but not too nutritious as the seeds do not need so much nutrition at the start.That comes later.

There is no toilet and the garden is rough and ready! there will be snacks. You are welcome to bring snacks too.

Here is the link to the face book event:

The garden is located on Konigsheideweg in Schoneweide next to the 265 bus Ostweg. It is on the edge of the kolonie 'Gemutlichesheim' facing the road.

The easiest way to reach it is by 265 bus.

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