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Make Basic great again

You don't need fancy plants to make a statement. Here are 5 cheap ideas for decorating indoor and out-door spaces with everyday plants, to make now in under an hour using free things.

No 1: Rip it up

Rip your plants in half. The dark green trailing plant in the first and 2nd photos is a Peruvian Grape Ivy (14€ from Der Hollander) already a bargain for such a big plant and easy care. Decant from pot and Tear the rootball in half. Plant each half in a separate pot and arrange how you want. Now you have 2 plants.This works for many species including Pothos (14€ also from der Hollander) The light green heart shaped leaves also seen here growing with the Peruvian Grape Ivy.

No 2: crates are great

Simple bakery crates make great units for plant display.

Get your crates, drill holes in wall, put in screws and mount the crate through its existing lattice.

It's easy to remove when you want and you can swap the colours around.

Crates also work really well as stand alone shelves outdoors and as platforms under plant pots to create height, as you can see here in these photos from my own balcony:

No 4: Second hand baskets

Cost effective baskets from ebaykleinenzeigen, max 5€ each and you can grow Autumn salad in them like the Endive lettuce in the photo above. (3€ per seed pack and you can harvest it at least twice) I didn't count on all the running around picking up baskets from random people like a demented reverse Easter Bunny though, that was really annoying.

No 5: Grouping

Basic cheap plants look amazing when growing together. Alone they look like lonely cheap plants, each in its own sad pot. Together they are a jungle. Plants with similar watering and light requirements thrive in one container. In the photo below is an example of Ponsettia and Spider-plant making my home into a forest:

And now the obligatory plug:

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1 Comment

Nina Hynes
Nina Hynes
Sep 08, 2022

Brilliant idea!!!

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