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Grow your own tasty windowsill pea sprouts for free

January: yeah it doesn't have to be this way. Or maybe you already know the secret to making it better?

I only know one way, and that's to grow things. So here we go:

How to start edible greens for free on your windowsill because you want some fresh tasty luxury and vitamins.

And yes, the internet tells us many things are easy, but these really ARE easy to grow.

If it was any easier you would just be throwing peas in the air.

These pea shoots cost at least 5€ a box if you buy them fresh as sprouts. You don't need that.

If you buy a bag of dried peas they should be 80 cents and give you enough peas to grow pea sprouts for 3 years.

If you use some old compost and supermarket peas from your closet and grow them yourself you can upgrade the product and flavour while downgrading the price to zero.

Heres how:

No 1: pick your peas

Get those old peas out and soak them overnight in some water.

The soaking is important to wake up the peas.

No 2: plant

get a shallow container, one with holes on the bottom. The containers from the super market that grapes come in are perfect. You don't need it to be deep because these plants are going to be ready for you to eat in 3 weeks.

Fill with an inch or 2 of compost. It can be reused old compost because these pea shoots are going to sustain themselves from the food stored in the seed (the pea)

Put your peas on the surface. lay them out like this:

No 4: cover the peas

lightly with compost and now water them.

No 5: nothing.

Just wait and do not let them dry out.

No 6: within 1 week

peas will emerge. They will start as small white curves, barely visible.

My peas came up in 3 days- amazing!

No 7: after another week

they will be small green guys like these:

No 8: easy peasy

Had to say that. Wouldn't be content without a cringey pun.

At this point the peas will be intermediate green guys like these after another week:

No 9: ready to eat

week 3 and the pea shoots are ready to cut with scissors and sprinkle in stir fries and soups for fresh vitamins. No they will not grow back. But you can get a continuous supply by starting different pea batches at different times.

No 10: fun for children- don't stop growing!

Kids love growing these! they give fast results and the pea seeds are chunky and easy to see and easy to pick up in small hands.

No 11: rePEAt:

Do it again! thank you for reading and enjoy the gift of free peas.

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