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Flower up for Easter!

fast solution for colour and structure...

with a ready planted basket garden that you enjoy right away.

Cut back on expensive garden center visits because these plants last for at least 2 Summers.

Each wicker basket is 100 percent plastic free. I sewed in the lining by hand and its made from reused fabric shopping bags.

Plants are selected to perform a double act- after the first flowers a second plant steps in- in this case, scented Viola followed by wild strawberry.

Basket is created to last for at least 2 Summers.

Basket comes with free care guide so plants look good long term.

Basket is hand made wicker and is easy to hang up or carry around.

The size is 37x22x20cm

Each basket costs 30€

Something terrible happen to your plants? get a free refill of new ones.

Choose a basket from 4 combinations:

Viola and Wild strawberry- enjoy fruit and scent.

Mint and Mizuna- enjoy well loved cool tasting herb with unusual variety of spicy salad leaves.

Melissa (lemon balm) and chamomile- enjoy a basket of herbs for stress relief. Make a relaxing tea from these 2 herbs.

Wild strawberry and basil-

enjoy fruit and classic herb for the kitchen.

Pre-order now. Send me a message and your basket can be picked up when it is ready or delivered to you for an extra 6 €.

Who am I? I am Sophie, your online and R.L gardener who has got the key points down for making gardening in Berlin easier.

I have a garden that kicks my own ass regularly so I know how hard and confusing solving garden problems can be. This garden has taught me a lot.

I also studied Horticulture in London at Capel manor. And I know how to make things look good with my back ground in visual art.

Explore the rest of the website here: and see what other offers you might like.

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