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Erotic vegetables ! and Failure!

Read on to vote for your favourite erotic vegetable of 2022. Plus: expose

How I failed hard this year, and how you don't have to.

Gardening and business lessons learned and shared with you.

It's that time again when thoughts turn inwards for Autumn and we harvest both our positive and peevish memories of Summer.

It's useful at these points of transition to look back at what won and well...what didn't do so great...

What worked?

For plants:

hot hot weather made hot hot chilli plants grow really well. I recommend growing them from seed on your balcony as an annual plant. They grow well in relatively shallow planters and you can buy compact sorts that use space efficiently.

Pumpkins did great. Start your seeds indoors at intervals of 3 weeks from March to avoid your Pumpkins arriving all at once (like in the above photo!)

Not sure if Pumpkins arriving all at once is a fail or a win?

For business: Easybee worked smart in 2022 and diversified beyond balcony make-overs into new things like garden clean ups for all types of Berlin gardens and a personal shopper service (your garden centre problem-solver accompanying you to the garden centre of your choice to help you make best choices and avoid the tricks that make you spend too much)

She Revised services to make them clearer and better See HERE for details.

She optimised the easybee website to make it good looking and user friendly.

She Learned to complete jobs faster so that you can get in that hammock in half the time and relax.

She learned how to use power tools (scary!)

WIN: More plants installed faster with less fuss. Got to know my job inside out to do it better for you. Example from 2022 completed in one visit of 4 hours:

Before in Freidrichshain

After in Freidrichshain

Thank you customer Belen for the above photos and for all your help with DIY!

What did not work?

For plants:

I made a mistake transplanting large shrubs in weather that was too hot for them.

This caused initial wilting though they did recover later.

Advice: avoid transplanting trees and shrubs in mid Summer.

Shrubs are best planted in very early Spring or early Autumn.

Transplant at night to give plants time to settle in before harsh sun returns.

Watering: was a constant struggle this year.

A lot of plants didn't get the water they needed to reach their full potential.

Advice: water at the beginning and end of day. Avoid watering your plants in the middle of the day because the water evaporates too fast in midday sun.

Avoid wetting the leaves when you water as it can cause mildew, a type of white mould, to grow on the surface of the leaves. Water left on leaves can also cause brown patches of leaf scorch: this is when bright sun reflected through water droplets on leaves causes scorching.

Leaf scorch

For Business: easy bee failed at documenting because she was so busy doing the work.

She forgot to take photos and missed out sharing a lot of interesting stuff with you.

She struggled to provide consistent service in hot weather ( apologies for that)

Plants struggled in the heat and were less healthy.

Putting together garden furniture in 40 degree weather was a very bad idea!

Online software fails- online contracts were some times annoying to use, apologies!

LOSE: ordering plants from unproven online sellers in search of a bargain resulted in some disappointing buys and weird results: a Jasmine with no smell? 10 free surprise strawberry plants? a weird stick with 3 leaves on it pretending to be a tree?

Sad tree

Honesty done. All that declaration makes me feel like some fun.

Here's an erotic vegetable run down of weird veg I grew this year.

Share your vote on who has the most home grown appeal of 2022 from the selection below. I grew all of them except one, but which one?

Most erotic vegetable of 2022-vote here!

  • 0%Butt Pumpkin?

  • 0%Invasive Squash?

  • 0%Private dancer Carrot?

  • 0%Unholy Cucumber?

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