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Windy terrace to Birch forest...

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Plan for an exposed space: we used wind diffusing Trellis structures and a pergola to create shelter and take this terrace from decking to high rise vineyard.

Birch trees,Grape and Dog wood create a green oasis on the 6th floor of this apartment block in Schoneberg. The Birch is a tree whose adult silver bark will contrast beautifully with the red stems of the Dog-wood shrubs.

Grape will thrive in the plentiful freely circulating fresh air of this exposed site. Planter boxes in the pergola are filled with Oregano, Sage and thyme.

There is no secret, we have been working on this one awhile connecting the people together who can make it happen. Thank you to for constructing this beautiful Pergola.

The plants chosen are mainly Mediterranean to take advantage of the exposed nature of the site rather than view it as a problem. Plants that work with what you have is the priority.

I see a lot of Mediterranean herbs on balconies in various states of distress and disrepair. If you want to grow these guys make sure they will get full sun, at least 4 hours a day.

Make sure the compost is mixed with sand for drainage, these plants hate to sit with wet feet. When the herbs start growing in a straggly manner, clip them back early in the growing season.

When you harvest them, remove the growing tips only, so the rest of the plant will bush out instead of growing up tall and straggling. Let them dry out between waterings and plant in peat free compost.

If you don't get full sun there are plenty of herbs that will tolerate shade- grow Mint and parsley, grow Chervil, a herb in the carrot family with feathery aniseed leaves. For a big statement in the shade grow one of these plants pictured below, the stately Angelica:

You can buy seeds of it from: but I recommend buying a plant of this looker and getting going immediately.

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