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My kids eat the plants!​

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Simon had a problem in Griefswalderstrasse. He has two little boys and anything he tries to grow gets quite beaten up. The kids eat the plants!

He also has a shady terrace.

The space needs to function as a growing space and as a playground.

We solved this by lining the sides of the terrace with high planter boxes containing plants that thrive here in the shade.

And by creating a high planter box at the back filled with elegant climbing Hydrangeas, Ivy and Ferns.

This gorgeous space needed to remain open so we used high planting boxes at the sides so plants do not get eaten too much and the space remains free to play in. Here are some more before and after pictures:

And here is the initial plan I created:

Also, to keep the kids included, some child safe plants are included within their reach. These include Nasturtium, a really nice easily grown edible flower, they are welcome to eat these!

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