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At home with Nature everyday

Sophie design, Liam installation- we will do it!

Connect with nature everyday, not just at weekends.

Naturally grown vegetable and herb gardens for balconies and outdoor seating areas.

Mixed flowers and veg integrated balcony habitats.

Plants for out door restaurant and cafe seating areas.

Balcony gardens for attracting wild life.

​Not everyone can live in the countryside but you can create your own piece of countryside.

Your balcony can be a valuable resource for yourself and wild life. Your personal green habitat.

We also 'hortify' out door restaurant and seating areas- making them places people want to spend time in with plants and flowers.

Green spaces reduce stress and keep your balcony/out door space cooler in summer, produce food and herbs for you, exciting flavours, colours and fragrances, encourage biodiversity.

Contact Sophie and optimise your existing balcony garden or create a new green space. She has the plant expertise to find the right plants that work in your conditions.

emphasis on plant selection and care.

Email any question about plant identification or care, get a fast answer. Of course, that is free.

What we do:

Free online consultation- share your ideas, ask some questions.

Real life consultation- 25€ per hour.

Balcony clean-up 25€ per hour.

Maintenance of balcony gardens/out door seating area 25€ per hour.

Creation of balcony garden/out door seating area including design and installation. Personal flat-rate price within your budget following consultation.

Plan only: Online consultation followed by hand drawn colour plan by Sophie on paper posted to you: 50€.

Real life consultation including hand drawn plan: 90€.

Right plant right place, always priceless!

answer all your plant questions.

bring your ideas to life with a custom plan. We do the work for you.

Make your home a fruitful place that connects you to nature, providing you with herbs and vegetables through earth friendly growing techniques: organic plant care.

Do you have a balcony that needs care or another type of green space? book us to visit at your convenience to help. Once a week, twice a week, what ever works for you. Sophie will water and prune plants, dead-head flowers and feed your plants. She will repot your plants that have out-grown their containers. 25 euros per hour. Liam handles installation and heavier work.

If you are using a gift voucher this real life consultation followed by hand drawn plan will be only 25 euros for a limited time.

Online chats are always free.

Make it happen: actualise your ideas and make them fruit and flower.

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