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Aaaargh! budding insanity!

Or is this a full blown terminal case that's been going on some time? either way, Spring is on the resprout and so is Easy bee with a news letter and customers already booked for March. So let's get started.

The newsletter will be out every second Month and you can enjoy it here ONE time only:

Send me your email address at or send it via facebook if you want to subscribe and get it every second month. It will feature a city nature moment I have found in Berlin that I invite you also to find.

When you find it send me a photo of yourself with the plant/animal/mushroom etc and I will send you a surprise. And of course, there will be an update on Easybee activities.

For example, here is something I found this month:

Witch Hazel flower.

Let me know if you find it.

At the beginning of every year there is often a simultaneous dread and joyful expectation of the year ahead. Join me as I share the anxiety and pleasure of stepping into another season- there is no growth without the shock of splitting open a new bud!

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