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Straight forward
indoor plant care 






  • Relax knowing your

  • plants are well taken care of

  • All work done for you

  • Or learn the skills to do it your self

  • Get your low maintenance jungle

  • Healthy plants now- solve that problem



It's that simple. No more crazy online houseplant hacks

Cut the workload and maximise your plant peace of mind.

Put your plants to work doing what they do best: being beautiful.

Enjoy being at home or in the office with fuss free indoor plants that fit your life. No more running around googling plant advice.

I find the the right plant for your place and the right care for the plants you already have.

Useful basics and detailed advice according to what you need for your particular situation.



See the results: before & after photos of office make-over at Explosion A.I. in Kreuzberg...
























The story?

Above are before and after photos of an indoor garden design I installed at Explosion A.I. 

Priorities: this office loves plants so much they got their plants installed before they got a bathroom door.

'I want an office that makes people happy to be here' said the boss. 'with plants that are easy to care for.'

so I created an easy care collection of plants that can withstand neglect, darkness and Berlin Winters. 

The idea? reliable plant favourites Pothos, Ficus Lyrata, Peperomia and Z.Z plant. These tough plants mean the team only need to water their plants every 2 weeks.

'Thank you it looks amazing!' said the boss 'now I just need to carry the bathroom door over here for a couple of minutes...can you hold it up for me?'

Simple services for indoor jungles:

Learn simple plant care strategies that will keep your plants healthy for many years. If you prefer me to do the work while you get on with something else I love to take care of re-potting, pruning, purchasing and planting your indoor space. Here are just some of the indoor plant services I offer:

In person plant care consultation:

evaluate your plants and solve problems. Get a care strategy for individual plants or a new indoor garden design tailored for your particular habitat. An hour of pure plant insight and inspiration. 75€ email me at  and book your personal appointment.

Plant care work:

the only gardener in town who can be trusted to leave a white sheep skin rug as clean at the end of the job as when they started the job. This is the high level of care you can expect from a personalised service specifically designed for small spaces. Expert potting, pruning and planting done in a tidy fashion that respects your home. 30€ an hour. Email me at  and book your personal appointment.

Plant care visits:

need someone to visit regularly and check your plants?

Book me and return home from your trip worry free. 30€ an hour. Email me at  and book your personal appointment.

Plant doctor:

paid online consultation 45 minutes. Get advice quickly so you can save a plant. Show me your plants online and solve problems or get some advice on what indoor plants will grow best in your home and office. 20€

About your friendly expat gardener:

H! I'm Sophie. Easybeeberlin started in 2020 with the goal of creating more green habitats for wildlife along with more quality living space for you. I am your friendly expat gardener giving you great garden work and services in English.

Making cooler sheltered spaces to combat the effects of hotter Summers in Berlin is important when you want to enjoy your garden and also matters to the bigger picture of climate change.

Growing more plants is a small step to lowering CO2 in our atmosphere.

I have a degree in art from N.C.A.D in Dublin and I studied horticulture at Capel Manor College in London in 2015.

About easybeeberlin:

easybeeberlin is the original niche gardening service for Berlin specifically designed for small spaces like indoors, balconies and terraces. I do all types of gardening from cleaning up small garden spaces to helping you get the right plants for a long lasting display of flowers.

I also do balcony make overs. Get a great design/plan from me so you can make your own balcony beautiful.

And yes I use organic methods.

Click here and explore the rest of the easybeewebsite 


Share and solve your plant problems with Sophie your friendly expat gardener 

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